The new shop of Poretti Brewery

From the Brewery to the glass with the new shop in Induno Olona

birrificio porettiCarlsberg Italy approaching consumers with The Brewery’s Shop, the shop opened at the entrance to its plant in Induno Olona, Angelo Poretti Brewery.

Of course even if the trademark Poretti (3, 4, 5, 6 Hops) is the master, inside the shop -open to customers from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 19.00 (Sundays during the holidays) – lovers of Carlsberg Italy products can find all the main products of the Group: Angelo Poretti, Carlsberg Brewery (also in PET), Carlsberg Elephant, Tuborg, non-alcoholic Feldschlösschen and Grimbergen (Blanche, Double, Blonde).

At the store you can also buy more sophisticated products such as Seasonal Hops 7 (such as 7 Amber Hops that goes to take the place of the novice Mielizia honey producers, The real novelty of autumn), the precious and refined Selection Angelo (in double version Pale Ale, Brown Ale) and the big news of the season, the 8 Hops, a bottled Saison Beer from 75 cl. just proposed on the market. You can also buy the glasses the main brands to serve adequately the beers purchased!

storia birrificio porettiBrewery Poretti excellence in Varese

The shop inauguration represents a unique opportunity for visibility among consumers, now that Expo is at the door. And to gather the fruits will not be the only big company to the head of the group, but also Angelo Poretti Brewery, especially if we consider the positive trend of 2014, which saw it confirmed as excellence in Varese, gaining prestigious recognition as a traditional food of the Lombardy region as “beer of Valganna”.

To underline the importance of Varese Brewer jewel in Art Nouveau style was just the A.D. of Carlsberg Italy Alberto Frausin, who claimed during the inauguration as the opening of the shop is yet another step made by the original site on the outskirts of Varese, revived by the current corporate management thanks to the headquarters of Carlsberg, who understood the importance of having a charming old as Induno Olona.


«A few years ago, when I arrived, there were producing 800,000 hectoliters of beer, many of them as contractors: our old Splugen brand would stop at 100 thousand hectolitres. Today we came to 1.2 million hectoliters of beers of our brand, of whom half a million is for designer labels with the name “Poretti”. And 2015 for us will also be the year where we’ll export the signature of Angelo Poretti abroad».

Photo Gallery Shop and Poretti Brewery