Centro Style and Hotel Ungheria Varese

Centro Style: optics and accessories since 1978

30 years in optics and accessories

30 years in optics and accessories

Centro Style chooses the Hotel Varese 1946 Hungary for its clients since 2002.

Centro Style offers innovative solutions, quality and fashion.
A big company that was born in Vedano Olona in 1978, opening a subsidiary in the United Kingdom and a representation in Spain, in addition to serving 80 countries worldwide.

The main product lines:

  • service centre – providing optical laboratories
  • Accessories – fashion and functionality on care and protection of glasses
  • eyewear – designed for every need, such as reading, sports, outdoor life. Specialization for the glasses as a child
  • point forecasts and eleven twelve – analog measuring instruments
  • vision care – Visual needs solutions and technical products