Happy Easter

Hotel Ungheria wishes you a Happy Easter with Gianni Rodari

In these times a bit dark, often hear of wars, near and far, of countries suffering from hunger, of battered women, of exterminations in the name of religion…

… Hotel Ungheria wants wish you a Happy Easter in a way somewhat different …

pace-mondoWith a MESSAGE of PEACE signed Gianni Rodari.

From Easter Egg

From Easter Egg
came out a chick
Orange chalk
with blue beak.
He said: “I’m going,
I start travelling
and bring to all
a great message. ”
And flitting
hither and thither,
countries and cities,
wrote on walls,
in the sky and on the ground:
Long live the peace,
down with war.

Happy Easter to all from the entire staff of Hotel Ungheria!