Varese Lake and the World Championship of Rowing Under 23

sede lagoA truly unique opportunity, don’t miss. The Varese Lake in July will be the location of a global event, the World Championship of Rowing Under 23.

The great sports festival held on the banks of the Lake from 23th to 27th July, with 1.300 athletes from over 58 countries. Varese and the Tourism Agency is more than a year preparing for this event, with an organizing Committee that has a team of more than 500 teenagers volunteers.

To anticipate the World Championship over the next few days is expected another spectacular event, unprecedented this year. From 15th to 18th May in fact held International Para-race Rowing and Master (now in its eighth edition), accompanied by a corollary of extraordinary events: the third edition of the World Indoor Championship INAS, the inaugural International race INAS and National Meeting students and cadets.

To host the events will be of course the Association A.S.D. Canottieri Gavirate, a company that also incorporates the Federal Center for Adaptive category, and has a fully equipped gymnasium and a race field on the water regulatory type, 3 km long and divided into 8 lanes.

Don’t miss the World Rowing Championship Under 23!
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