The products from Varese at Hotel Ungheria

Local products that offers Hotel Ungheria.

Hotel Ungheria is strongly rooted in Varese territory. For this reason we have chosen some excellent of Varese to propose to our customers, which you will find in the Hotel lobby: spirits and liquors, perfumes, glasses and typical gastronomic products.

Grappe Rossi of Angera

angera liquoriGrappe and liquors Rossi of Angera are strictly tied to the territory. Rossi of Angera on Lago Maggiore produces spirits in Angera from over 160 years.

With the new Millennium Rossi of Angera is renewed, proposing a restyling of all products and the new Luxury Line, limited edition reserves and an unprecedented proposal for fruit Spirits that enclose the flavours of the territory.



Acqua Varese

Acqua Di VareseAcqua Varese with its line of fragrances for the body and the environment, elegant style with multiple fragrances, is a product young but generated by the tradition of great Italian perfumery industry.

The choice of roles at the package with “paper Varese”, the geometric pattern that characterizes the city from 1860, is a strong signal of the connection with the territory.


Occhiali Nrc

occhiali nrcNrc glasses are a collection of sporty glasses designed for those who love motorcycling, cycling, skydiving, horse riding, Golf and sailing, but still want to follow the fashion trends of the moment.

8 captivating lines with frames and lenses created with the finest materials and the most advanced techniques available on the market of optics.


I Runchitt

runchittThe runchitt marmalades and jams home made by Runchitt farm of Brinzio are produced with three typical local varieties of chestnuts:
-PINISCÈ Good size chestnuts, the first to fall from majestic trees;
-RUSSIRO ‘ from shiny reddish rind, excellent roasted chestnuts;
-VENEGON by sweet and round-shaped, are of a quality equivalent to Brown from which are distinguished by their smaller size.