The tour met all those needs

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our bike tour at the Hotel Ungheria in September 2015. The hotel served all of our needs and the family running the hotel could not have been nicer to us than they were. We were looking for a bike tour in Northern Italy with the following characteristics: affordable, challenging without being too difficult, nice roads with manageable traffic, and being around good people. The tour met all those needs.

The price was right and included seven nights in the hotel, all meals were included (we had plenty to eat and drink) along with rides to and from the restaurants, and it was very nice to have our bike clothes washed for us each day. The daily bike rides had spectacular scenery and varied routes led very well by our guide Stefano. There were some good climbs, like Monte Campo dei Fiori, that provided for a good workout. Optional routes could be chosen depending on how ambitious the cyclist was that day. Some day we would like to go back and do the ride over to Lake Como. Traffic wasn’t a problem. Each ride leaves the hotel in Varese and the first 5-6 miles go through the city and there are plenty of cars in that stretch out and back but after that traffic was mostly a non-issue and after the first day we were comfortable leaving and returning to the hotel. We met and rode with five others on the tour and had a great time with them – riding, having meals together, and just sitting around chatting. Thanks again to the hotel manager, Simone and his family for their hospitality and our tour leader, Stefano, for showing us the sights of Northern Italy and parts of Switzerland. We hope to return before too long.

The hotel’s website includes a great deal of information on the daily routes showing where they go and the range of difficulty for both the basic and avid options. Use these to determine whether the gentle biker or road biker tour is best suited for you.

Bob and Nancy Norcross
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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