The art of hidden meanings in the Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

FAI: Break Art at Villa Della Porta Bozzolo to Casalzuigno

villa-della-porta-bozzolo-fai-galleriaThe art of hidden meanings

Saturday 25th October from 16 to 17 Villa Della Porta Bozzolo welcomes a select group of art lovers to delve into Varese history.

In the picturesque setting of beautiful 18th century residence, the lucky participants who have reserved a place in time, will experience a journey through art and its hidden meanings. A fascinating tour through the most charming places of the province of Varese to discover curious and mysterious images. A journey that retraces the most significant stages of the history of art, in order to offer viewers the opportunity to understand all evocative power and communicative of this unique and special discipline.

The Conference will be accompanied by a sweet snack to nourish body and spirit.

For INFO and reservations call Villa at 0332 624136 or via e-mail by writing to

Dinner and Lombard culture at Schiranna

October 18th: a Saturday night with the Lombard cuisine in Lido of Varese with Graziano Ballinari

ristorante schiranna

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On 18th October the Schiranna opens its doors to the Lombard cuisine for an early Saturday in celebration of this “nearly autumn” in Varese.

Protagonists of the evening at Lido of Varese the flavors and traditions of Lombardia with a dinner of those autumn recipes that made famous the poor kitchen of our territory.

From appetizer with “fasoeu” to the particular barley risotto with chestnuts and sausage, the garòn, chicken thighs fried on cabbage, to the “Sun of the stomach” as it was called the polenta, to the traditional cake of bread.

As entertainment of the evening the tales of the lombard historian and costume observer Graziano Ballinari, which explains the customs of yesteryear through colorful proverbs and jokes.

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FAI Marathon and Varese

The 12th October 2014 back FAI Marathon.

FAI-Marathon-locationSunday 12th October there will be the FAI Marathon event, that as you read directly on the site “calls on Italians to discover and rediscover the urban and suburban landscapes where they live every day, but they often ignore the beauty, value, history”.

The FAIMARATHON is a non-competitive walk in stages. In more than 120 towns you can choose on the FAI website your route, show up at the starting point during the hours indicated and … go!

At each stage there will be FAI volunteers, collecting contributions for participation, will distribute the kits and will illustrate the place, wich would be often visit inside.

Here are three routes in the province of Varese:

Varese – discovering the hill of Biumo, departure 10.00 a.m., a route with 7 stages (you can pre-register in the Marathon at Villa Panza – Tel. 0332;

Casalzuigno – Arcumeggia – a country rich in frescoes, a route with 5 stages, from 10.00 a.m.  to 18.00 p.m. (you can pre-register in the Marathon at Villa Della Porta Bozzolo since day 1st October, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.;

Gornate Olona – monastery of Torba, from 10.00 a.m., a route in 3 stages (you can pre-register in the marathon from Wednesday to Sunday at FAI Monastery of Torba, Via Stazione, 2 Gornate Olona, Tel. 0331

For more information about Fai Marathon see website


On the edge of reality

The 1st November and 22th November in Varese: breathe the breath of history at Villa Bossi

villabossiIt’s like if Villa Bossi would be waiting for you. There goes toe-to-toe as in other historic homes, but with the slow and sure, you feel almost at home. Only your breath linger, in order not to disperse the scent of old wood and stone, in an attempt to restrain itself the image of the garden, the row of poplars by the window glass, light on the gallery. Villa Bossi oozes history, care, elegance and refined simplicity. To accommodate this Mansion is like indulging in the arms of your mother, which in its most hidden recesses preserves a place for you too. Has vibrating deep cavities, such as the ancient wine cellar, which whispers love sounds even without orchestra. There are so many rooms by opening in the soul on invisible worlds, in perspectives that lead the eye away, without any anxiety along the lines of flight. It is easy to think that the people who live there are made of the same beauty. (taken from the site of Villa Bossi)

Two-hour guided tour of the home, between laboratories, collections of historical instruments, the magnificent cellar with its precious frescoes. The true spirit of the story narrated by its protagonist, an appointment that you can’t miss to … At the end of the visit a light fragrant dinner to round off the evening. Photos taken from the site of Villa Bossi

Program 3.30 p.m. departure from Hotel Ungheria and transfer at Villa Bossi 4.00 p.m. start guided tour 6.00 p.m. light dinner 9.00 p.m. come back in hotel Charge for overnight stay in a superior double room: Euro 75.00 per person The rate includes:

  • guided tour
  • aperitif
  • transfer
  • 1 overnight stay in a superior double room
  • buffet breakfast with homemade cakes

The evening will be held at the achievement of minimum 12 persons Latest date of booking:

  • for the evening of 1st November booking until 26th October
  • for the evening of 22th  November booking until 16th November

Cantello in “chocolate and art”

On 28th September 6th edition of Cantello Chocolate Festival

FestaCioccolato2014On Sunday 28th September U.R.Ca cultural association, under the patronage of the municipality of Cantello, promotes the sixth edition of the Chocolate Festival, an event dedicated to the taste and flavors of chocolate.

The event is an opportunity to “taste the art”, is the production of chocolate, both much more extensive than the artists and artisans cantellesi.

In the Park Primo Maggio by Collodi street starting from 14.00 there will be chocolate tastings, entertainment for children and adults and an exhibition of the works of local artists.

The Festival will be held regularly in case of bad weather at the old farmhouse Lombardo via monastery.

Some pictures of the last edition of the Cantello Chocolate Festival




Legambiente: Clean up the World 2014

Legambiente on 26, 27 and 28th September invites everyone to join the campaign Clean up the World 2014

puliamo-il-mondo-legambienteView our eco-sustainable philosophy, couldn’t shirk the task of disseminating the news, inviting young people, adults, tourists and citizens to participate in joining the thousands of volunteers that the 26, 27 and 28th September, clean up the world in which we all live.

This is the goal of the great ecological Clean up the World event that, as you read directly from the site proposes to “clean up from waste abandoned streets, squares, parks, reclaim those small and hateful that fly-tipping on the edge of suburban streets, promoting a civil and correct waste management.”

In the province of Varese are 26 municipalities that officially joined the initiative and that in those days will come down on the field with the volunteers to make great cleaning. Check them thanks to the site and join!

AgriVarese: the fair of agriculture

On 21th September AgriVarese back in the town

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Also in 2014, the Chamber of Commerce of Varese – together with municipality of Varese, Lombardy region, trade associations and consortia of the agricultural sector of Varese – organizes the traditional fair of agriculture “Agrivarese in the town” with the aim to promote and enhance local agricultural production, favouring the approach of the general public, families, children and young people to the values and to the professions of the agricultural world.

The appointment with “Agrivarese in town” is for Sunday, 21th September 2014, in the prestigious location of the Estensi Gardens in Varese and along the main streets and squares of the city centre.

For more information

Cover Photo Credits: Facebook Agrivarese


Welcome back Varese Flowers and Varese Orchid!

Varese Flowers: Varese Botany in celebration. The Flagship is Varese Orchid

varese orchidea 2014September is painted with colours and flowers in Garden City of Varese. Back again in Varese, in fact, Varese Flowers and Varese Orchid, two botanical Festival of excellence of our territory.

From 5th to 7th September, the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Piazza Monte Grappa (Sala Campiotti) will host the best varieties of orchids, including a selection of European Nurseries, organized by varese companies and international ones.

Varese Orchid is organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Province, Association Productors of Flowers and Lombardy Association Orchids Lovers.

You can admire collections of real amateurs, but also purchase from exhibitors present. It will be a full-fledged immersion in three-day into orchids, from 9.30 a.m. to 19.30 p.m, culminating on Sunday 7 September, when the event dedicated to the Orchids will coincide with the traditional appointment of Varese Flowers.

On Sunday 7 September, piazza Monte Grappa, will turn in a “gigantic Garden” thanks to the initiative of PromoVarese, the special agency of the Chamber of Commerce, which will offer to the public at large, from Varese and not, a rich exposure than it gets better in the horticultural industry of our province, who can count on a wealth of 400 businesses.

Admission to both events is free.

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With the new fair Varese arrives Varese Horses Expo

Varese Fair and Varese Horses Expo

Saturday 6 September opens its doors Varese Fair, which every year is held at the locality Schiranna.

logo-varese-cavalliWith this twelfth edition also debuts the first edition of “Varese Horses Expo”.

The Festival will give room for equine shows, demonstration activities, games, sports, activities related to typical products and local agricultural production, with the participation of the Consortium Varese horses. This trail-blazing first edition to the year 2015, which seeks right now as an event of international scope, which will bring in the Varese Hippodrome all disciplines of equestrian scene, with a specific focus on farming and tourism.

Fair hours: Saturday 6 September from 15.00 to 23.00, Sunday 7 September from 10.00 to 23.00;
weekdays (8-12 September) from 16.00 to 23.00 (Thursday, 11 September: pensioner’s Day-free admission for all retirees), Saturday 13 September from 14.00 to 23.00, Sunday 14 September from 10.00 to 21.00 hours

Entrance fee.

To participate, write to or call +39 02 97373202.
For information please write to the address or call Badi Farm Srl -Tel. +39 0331 908003 .

The Assumtpion day in Varese is weblog FAI

What to do in the Assumption day in Varese?

If you don’t know what to do in the Assumption day in Varese, Hotel Ungheria suggests you an outing with picnic, immersed in nature and culture.

On 15 August, FAI opens the doors of its monuments in Varese to a special event: the picnic of the Assumption day. You can choose between the charming Villa Della Porta Bozzolo to Casalzuigno or the historic Monastery of Torba in Gornate Olona.


From 10 to 18 the Villa will open its doors to all visitors who want to spend a different Assumption.

There will be the possibility of making guided visits to Villa and join the path-game “investigations in Villa”, which we will discover the secrets of an 18th-century noble family.

At 14.30 for children is playful and creative laboratory “take flight” (only on reservation): with wooden sticks, colored paper, twine, glue and crayons kite will be created that will be used in a breathtaking flight race, housed in the Villa theatre.


Monastero di Torba – Credits foto: Giorgio Majno –

Walking in the unspoilt nature of the Valle Olona, guided visits to the monastery with the guides of FAI, lots of entertainment and surprises, especially for children.

Promises to be an Assumption day really unique at the Monastery of Torba.

For the occasion will be even allowed to picnics in the Park of the monastery, normally forbidden activity. The most demanding, instead, can book a typical  lunch at the Food Court of the building, the restaurant Il Refettorio. (Bookings at 335-1689902)

To book a ticket for the day of August 15 you can call 0331-820301 or write an email to