Monastero di Cairate

Il Monastero di Cairate è un sito archeologico molto importante. L’imponente restauro è iniziato nel 2000 ed è terminato nel 2013. Pertanto, potrete visitare il Monastero in tutto il suo splendore.

In età romana (I-IV secolo d.C.) Cairate era probabilmente un vicus, un villaggio.

Dalla villa rustica romana al di sotto delle stanze monastiche, ai resti del granaio della villa che veniva usato per l’immagazzinamento di cereali e legumi destinati ai commerci, il Monastero ha parecchi secoli di storia da raccontarci.

Oltretutto, durante il V e VI secolo viene a formarsi una necropoli, della quale possiamo ritrovare diversi oggetti funerari. E tra le varie sepolture, troviamo il “sarcofago di Manigunda”: la nobildonna longobarda fondatrice del complesso monastico.

Per scoprirne di più sulla leggenda di Manigunda e su tutti i “tesori” del Monastero di Cairate, non vi resta che andare ad approfondire di persona!

ARCUMEGGIA (Frazione di Casalzuigno)

hotel ungheria arcumeggia 2Arcumeggia é una piccola frazione del comune di Casalzuigno (Varese) immersa nel cuore verdeggiante della Valcuvia. Oltre ad essere il più noto paese dipinto in provincia di Varese, Arcumeggia è stata la prima esperienza di “Galleria all’aperto dell’affresco” in Italia.

Nel 1956 divenne la sede della manifestazione “Pittori in vacanza”: venivano gli artisti più rappresentativi del pensiero e delle maggiori tendenze italiane della metà del ‘900. Affinché potessero lavorare ai bozzetti dei propri affreschi, nel 1957 fu creata la Casa del Pittore, dove potevano anche pernottare.

Questo progetto viene portato avanti sino ai giorni nostri. Tra i soggetti dipinti appaiono le immagini relative all’emigrazione, raffigurazioni simbolico-allegoriche, ritratti di abitanti e mestieri del paese, intervallate da santi e scene religiose, a cui recentemente si sono aggiunte rappresentazioni naturalistiche e paesaggistiche.

Tra le altre attrattive del paese vi è il sagrato della chiesa dedicata a Sant’Ambrogio, dove si possono ammirare gli affreschi delle 14 stazioni della Via Crucis

Per gli approfondimenti, scarica il pdf della Provincia di Varese.

Hotel Ungheria package Expo 2015: Happy Hour FAI & Expo


Varese Expo2015 Hotel Ungheria Package

3 nights – 2 days x 2 people

Availability for only no. 10 packages!

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€ 149.00 per person rate in double room or twin-bed double room


First Day:

Gallery – Choose your visit FAI

Back at the hotel aperitif with local products: aperitivo coppia

  • mixed platter with local farm cheeses by Trevisan and Casale di Arcisà, various meats even without lactose (more digestible by everyone and delicious!) and organic. Pickles and chips.
  • 2 bottles of beer Poretti (beer of Varese) or 2 glasses of wine or prosecco
  • Overnight at the hotel

Second day:

  • breakfast at the hotel to delight your taste buds with a wide variety of products, from pastries, to 5 different types of organic and gluten-free jam, cookies and homemade cake from Anna and mom Natalina, gluten-free products, goat cheese of the farm Trevisan and “Casale di Arcisate, fresh fruit and much more! Check out our home made breakfast.
  • 645px-Expo_2015_Logo  No. 2 tickets to visit internal day EXPO 2015.

Back at the hotel: herbal tea to digest what you have eaten within Expo!

Third day:

  • breakfast with wide choice of sweet and savory
  • leaving

N.B. Shuttle service to and from the Varese train station, on request and subject to availability.
Alternatively, frequent bus stop at 100 metres from the hotel.

The package includes:
n. 2 overnights stay
n. 2 buffet breakfast
n. 1 ticket for EXPO2015
n.1 ticket for FAI Property
n.1 welcome aperitif

The price doesn’t include: everything not expressly indicated in “package includes”

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Collegiate Church is the best Heart Place

In the province of Varese won the Collegiate Church as a Place of the Heart – Diy Tourist Column

Diy Tourist Column

colleggiataThe collegiate church has collected over 8 thousand votes that still have to add paper to be counted at the beginning of 2015. It is positioned to the first place in the province of Varese and the third in the region.

Provisional rankings sees the Church’s Museum at 15th national place Varese. It could mean very for the Collegiata in Castiglione Olona, since most voted sites can access funding to be given.

Although the collegiate church is not an asset of the FAI, the competition launched by the Italian Environment Fund rewards those places that are entered into the hearts of the people and that deserve to be valued most.

Hotel Hungary is pleased to congratulate collegiate friends and neighbours Castiglionesi; and invites you to visit what he considers one of the most precious jewels of our territory.

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22th november guided visit to Villa Bossi

22th November: from Hotel Ungheria to Villa Bossi

villabossiTwo-hour guided tour of the home, between laboratories, collections of historical instruments, the magnificent cellar with its precious frescoes. The true spirit of the story narrated by its protagonist, an appointment that you can’t miss to … At the end of the visit a light fragrant dinner to round off the evening.

Photos taken from the site of Villa Bossi


3.30 p.m. departure from Hotel Ungheria and transfer at Villa Bossi

4.00 p.m. start guided tour

6.00 p.m. light dinner

9.00 p.m. come back in hotel

Charge for overnight stay in a superior double room: Euro 75.00 per person The rate includes:

  • guided tour
  • aperitif
  • transfer
  • 1 overnight stay in a superior double room
  • buffet breakfast with homemade cakes

The evening will be held at the achievement of minimum 12 persons Latest date of booking: 16th November

Discovering the apocryphal Gospels of Castelseprio

Santa Maria Foris Portas Castelseprio – Diy Tourist Column

Rubrica Turista Fai Da Te

santa maria foris portasThe province of Varese is an area steeped in culture. There are many places of historical and cultural interest that a tourist should not miss the opportunity to visit during his stay in Varese.

Hotel Ungheria guides you to discover these magnificent location starting from the Church of Santa Maria Foris Portas in Castelseprio.

The Church, which stands on a hill just two hundred meters from the walls of an ancient castrum, hence the appellation in medieval Latin, is the oldest building in Castelseprio.
Thanks to its frescoes, known as “the frescoes of Castelseprio”, Santa Maria Foris Portas is recognized Unesco World Heritage site.

It is a cycle of paintings, variously dated between the 6th and the 10th century, by an anonymous painter known as the master of Castelseprio, probably Byzantine, an artist who worked for a Greek client, Lombard, Caroling or Milan. The cycle depicts scenes from the childhood of Christ inspired, it would seem, especially to the apocryphal Gospels. This feature makes it a rare example of Lombard art of the highest level, since in Italy are only seven places with this particular type of paintings. These seven Italian locations are part of the serial site named “Lombards in Italy: the places of power”, in writing to the list of UNESCO World Heritage site in June 2011.

The trip to Santa Maria Foris Portas Castelseprio

Hotel Ungheria offers a special package dedicated to the Church of Santa Maria Foris Portas.


  • Arrival date at the Hotel
  • Dinner at Ristorante La Vecchia Varese, an arrangement with us
  • Overnight stay in a double room
  • Buffet breakfast with local products and cakes of our production
  • Visit to the Church

Come discover one of the wonders preserved by Unesco
in the heart of Varese.
Visit Santa Maria Foris Portas, thanks to the special offer of Hotel Ungheria.

Offer valid until June 30st 2015.

Hermitage Santa Caterina: cruises on Lake Maggiore

santacaterinaFrom Laveno to the Hermitage of Santa Caterina by boat

Until 12 October the Navigation System of the Lakes has reactivated the navigation Laveno-Hermitage Santa Caterina, the 14th-century monastery perched on Lake Maggiore.

Although accessible by land, a visit to the charming historic location is even more striking if you come by boat from the Lake.

With a few euros there are several departures to and from Santa Caterina, close-up distances from 9.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m., from wensday to sunday.

According to tradition the monastery was founded by Alberto Besozzi, a wealthy local merchant, escaped to a downpour during the crossing of the Lake, decided to retire on that stretch of coastline and lead you life as a hermit.

After several passages of property and management, the monastery, which from 1970 is of the province of Varese and was held from 1986 to 1996 from a Dominican community, today went to the Benedictine Oblates.

Photo credits: Cover photo by Valentina Macciotta and Domenico Cosenza.

Visit Museum Lodovico Pogliaghi

Open to the public again Museum Lodovico Pogliaghi

Casa Museo Lodovico Pogliaghi - VareseLast 5th may, Museum Lodovico Pogliaghi, witch for a long time remained closed and abandoned to itself, was reopened to the public.

Although still restored and reopened only in part – a portion reopened to the public is the same as the orginal opening 1971- the expansion of the collection Pogliaghi will be ongoing .
For now, at least, what has already been collected in Museum Pogliaghi can be observed until 15 November, from 9.00 to 18.00, while:
-opening weekends (SAT, Sun and holidays)
-special evening openings June/August
-the weekly special openings for groups on reservation

For guided tours:
Dott.ssa Chiara Palumbo-3451331019

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