The attractions less than an hour from Varese

“Choose Varese for its beauty, but also for those around” Diy Tourist Column

Rubrica Turista Fai Da Te

In addition to appreciating Varese territory and its excellence, the Do-it-yourself Tourist, especially who comes far, has to know that from Varese, in no time and with different vehicles (car, bus, boats, even the bicycle!), he can reach many other major international destinations.

From Varese and Hotel Ungheria you can easily reach Milan in about an hour with two railway lines (State Railways and the North) as well as the motorway. Milan is important for numerous attractions such as the Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, Leonardo’s last supper, Scala Theatre, the Brera, Navigli, Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and much more.

886_737px_lago_di_lugano_mappaFrom Varese we can also make a bet in the nearby Switzerland, in Mendrisiotto, passing from the pass of Gaggiolo. From here in no time, passing through Chiasso, it is easy to get at the heart of the valleys of Lake Como, the capital Como, rich in historical monuments, including the Cathedral and the Basilica of Sant’Abbondio.

The journey can continue even through the funicular, to go up to the Belvedere in Brunate and then returning in Varese with the highway 342 passes from Olgiate Comasco and Malnate.

From Mendrisio you can also choose to continue in Switzerland, visiting the famous bastion of Italian, Campione. You have to know that in addition to its Casino, must not lose that jewel represented by the sanctuary of Madonna of Ghirli, overlooking the Lake.

To close the circle, from Campione, by the bridge at Melide, you arrive in Lugano, with the promenade that leads to the fantastic villa of Parco Ciani. From Switzerland you can climb in the funicular of Monte San Salvatore, from which then falls comfortably in Varese, from the pass of Ponte Tresa, riding Varese territory, that home the green lakes of Ganna and Ghirla.

And if it’s still not enough, you can move with the boats of the navigation services of Lake Maggiore towards Svizzera and Verbano, stopping in the prestigious tourist location of Stresa,  with the Borromee Islands, Pallanza, Intra, Luino and Arona.

All this makes the Hotel Ungheria, in the heart of Varese, the perfect base for your cultural, sporting and natural holidays!

Varese Sports for all: from the air to the water

“Varese Sport: there is something for all tastes” Diy Tourist Column

Rubrica Turista Fai Da Te

Are you a tourist who likes sports or simply during the holidays do not like to sit “still with the hands”? Then Varese is the right destination for you, historically privileged seat of a high-quality sports tourism.

Ran the year 1913 when athletes like Alberto Bonacossa descended from Milan to Varese for the most svariegate sports.

Nearly a century after history repeats itself: Varese still offers a range of proposals really difficult to find in other provinces, due to the presence of lakes, mountains, plains, perfect natural gyms for both amateurs and professionals. Visitors to Varese and its province, in fact, has an embarrassment of choice among water, air and land sports.

Varese Water Sports

remate sul lago di varese 1Rowing on teh Lake of Varese is very traditional, with two high level schools:  Canottieri Gavirate, born in 1960, and the historic Canottieri Varese, created in 1927, headquartered at Schiranna.

For those who love sailing, just move a little further to have a wide choice of clubs and schools: a sailing Association  “Alto Verbano” in Luino, but also other centres palced in Caldè, Maccagno and Cerro of Laveno.

Varese Aerosports

Fonte Aero Club Varese
The Aero Club Adele Orsi of Calcinate del Pesce is the most important club for sail flying association in Italy.

In addition to the glider, air sports enthusiasts can choose from hang gliding and paragliding, thanks to the school of gliding “Icarus” of Pradaccio, in Laveno Mombello.

Those who love motors, can practice with the Aero Club of Varese, which is headquartered at the airport “Arturo Ferrarin” in Venegono Inferiro or at the ariport of Vergiate.

Varese Land Sports

sentiero_a_cavalloThen there are those who like to stay with our feet on the ground. If you are one of these, the Varese territory offers over 100 km of cycle-lanes, with the option of coasting around the Lake of Varese. The mountain bike or racing bike lover really will appreciate Varese, land of great cycling champions, such as Luigi Ganna.

For horse lovers, Varese and province, offer great opportunities for trekking on horseback, with several Equestrian centres including our partners the Knights of the Lake and the village of Mustonate.

Even those who love the mountains remains fascinated by our territory. The wonderful trekking route 184 km divided into 10 stages of Via Verde including the historic Sacro Monte of Varese and it is a must-see activity. Not to mention the climbing walls spread, from Campo dei Fiori, to get to theì cliff of Brezzo di Bedero, Cassano Valcuvia and San Martino, perfect for climb roped together.

To close the circle Varese land sports are the numerous golf courses scattered throughout the territory, starting from the historic club in Luvinate, with the green which directly overlooks the breathtaking scenery of Lake Varese.

So… What are you waiting sports tourist to come to Varese?

And remember that Hotel Ungheria is a perfect solution if you love sports: in addition to being in the heart of Varese but close to means of easy access to all points of interest, we are a very well equipped Bike Hotel and alrso we offer numerous packages for other sports, especially for horseriding.


Guided visits to Varese and Province

“Return tours of Varese by IAT and Association Immagina” Diy Tourist Column

Rubrica Turista Fai Da Te

Like any good tourist, before venturing to explore the area, you should know if the local tourist office organizes excursions and guided tours.

The IAT (Tourist Information) Varese, in collaboration with the cultural association Immagina, organizes this year a series of interesting guided tours of Varese and province.


chiesa Kolbe“Walking in the city … and the province”– so is calling the initiative – open the season Sunday 19th April 2015 with a visit to the Church of M. Kolbe of viale Aguggiari in Varese, to pursue other 15 routes that will accompany you every weekend until June 21st.

For the program of the ther tours write to

Here is some practical information that may help you:

  • The number of participants is set equal to the minimum 10, maximum units 30 units,
  • reservations must be received no later than two days prior to the desired visit by telephone at the numbers: 0332 435904-0332 334551-cell. 335 6430975, by fax to the number 0332 435904 or email us at
  • where applicable the cost of entrance tickets will be charged to the participants and must be paid at the beginning of the visit,
  • where applicable the transportation cost will be borne by the participants.


FAI Properties Varese: April events

“What do you reserve the FAI Properties Varese for April?” Diy Tourist Column

Rubrica Turista Fai Da Te

April of FAI Properties Varese, with the Easter holidays which start next month, is really full of events organized at the Properties FAI scattered on our territory.

For our Diy Tourists it is the perfect occasion to discover the architectural and natural pearls that FAI protects, living at the same time new and sometimes even original experiences.

We present briefly the events of April of FAI Properties Varese.


Picnic Easter Monday – 6th April
The garden of Villa Della Porta Bozzolo aims to households and not only as a place for the classic trip “out door” of Easter Monday and the family picnic, offering entertainment for everyone, young and old.

The Villa describe itself – Old watches – Sunday 19 April, at 14.30 and 16.00
Specialist vistis at the Villa with restaurateur Paolo Barbieri of Brera, A.R.A.S.S. non-profit association for the restoration of scientific instruments, discovering the watches of the Villa.


CioccoArt – From 2nd to 6th April 2015
Thanks to the collaboration with LaborArs and Denis Buosi &Co Chocolate Easter holidays in Villa Panza stain of … chocolate! “CioccoArt” is the special appointment for five days will take you between games, workshops and contests related to the delicious world of chocolate.

BIM Bum Bart … by enjoy -Sunday 12 April, 3 p.m.- 5.30 p.m.
Event dedicated to children who will live multi-sensory experiences through installations of Panza, to then attend workshops linked to the color and taste waiting for Expo 2015.


Flowers to the monastery – Monday, April 6th, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
The third edition of the traditional market of flowers and colors of spring in the spaces of the ancient monastery, a Unesco World Heritage site.

Take note of these events!

And if you can’t visit the FAI Properties Varese in these days of celebration open to the public, remember that if you’re on vacation here, Hotel Ungheria is a FAI  partner and enjoys the 50% discount on tickets for entry to all FAI Properties.

Guided visits discovering Ludovico Pogliaghi

Saturday 28th March from 9.00 a.m. a morning to discover the famous artist Lodovico Pogliaghi

Saturday 28th March, in the frame of the exhibition entitled “100 years of the great war: Lodovico Pogliaghi Illustrator, Special Envoy”, held at the Galleria Ghiggini of Varese until April 11st, will hold a morning guided tours to discover the artist who chose the Sacro Monte as the Temple of his works.

To lead visitors to discover the multifaceted artist, the exhibition’s curator Chiara Palumbo.

First stop of the morning the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte, then the artist’s House and studio (Pogliaghi Museum) where many of his works are visible, including the chalk of the Milan Cathedral in scale 1: 1, as well as the rich collection of objects that tell of the ancient world: from Egypt to Italy, passing through the middle and the far East.


For information and reservations: 345.1331019


Sacro Monte Varese and surroudings

“Sacro Monte Varese: a journey between art and nature.” Diy Tourist Column

Rubrica Turista Fai Da Te

Natività Sacro Monte-terza-cappella

Natività Sacro Monte-terza-cappella – Varese News

It is called Viale delle Cappelle. We are the gates of the Sacro Monte, where starts a journey that Diy Tourist couldn’t miss. It can be truly be considered a “vertical museum”, which is recognized as an authentic world heritage site (UNESCO Properties List), thanks to the artistic genius of Bernascone and Morazzone.

Various paintings and sculptures at each of the fourteem small chapels dedicated to the mysteries of the rosary, one of the most beautiful “Stations of The Cross” in the Alps.

The tourists and the pilgrims who venture along this journey, grow tired, refreshing themselves at the fountains adorning the pathway, but above all they can admire a unique and artistic frame and a breathtaking views, on the lakes and the green valleys of Varese. At the bottom of the Hill stands the historic borgo Santa Maria del Monte with the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna, a Baroque triumph of its kind that you can’t forget.

funicolare_stazione_sacro monte


Those who love panoramic views, then, cannot do without a trip on the funicular railways. Historically the funiculars in Varese were three, made in the early ‘ 900, to allow easy and quick connections with the three fundamental key tourist sites in Varese: Sacro Monte, Colle Campigli and Monte Tre Croci in Campo dei Fiori.

Today only the funicular Sacro Monte – opened in may 1906 and then closed in 1953 – is recovered by the municipality of Varese for tourist purposes. Open periodically, allows you to take a step back in time thanks to the peculiarity of this means of transport.

Finally, in the same area, the culture also reigns in two distinctive museums, Pogliaghi and Baroffio.

The Casa Museo Pogliaghi is open Saturday, Sunday and all holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with continued; in the summer months, however, offers a rich calendar of extraordinary openings. The Museum, at the foot of Sacro Monte, can be visited directly in conjunction with the visit of the chapels and Village.

The Baroffio Museum houses works dating from various historical periods and since 2001 a contemporary sacred art room of monographs mariane consisting of paintings, sculptures and graphic works by artists such as Guttuso, Bodini, Matisse and Sironi.

Sacromonte and Around photo album

Cover photo: Varese Polis

Varese city to be discovered

“What to see in Varese?”- Diy Tourist Column

Diy Tourist Column

Varese has a thousand faces, all to be discovered. City liberty taste, exquisitely artistic, is also known as the Garden City, for all the natural beauty that offers, along with the surrounding area.

Varese – Villa Estense e Giardini – Fonte: GPS Varese

From Giardini Estensi that encircle the Town Hall. In the second half of ‘ 700, Francesco III d’Este, Duke of Modena and Governor of Austrian Lombardy, having fallen in love with Varese during one of his trips, he decided to ask in fief to Maria Theresa of Austria. He bought by Tommaso Orrigoni the House, which now houses the municipal administration, and gives the architect Giuseppe Antonio Bianchi in charge of dealing with the creation of the Italian garden, considered among the most beautiful of Lombardy.

Another focal point of Varese that you should visit is the Basilica of San Vittore. It represents, with the Bell Tower and the baptistery of San Giovanni, the religious heart of the city. The current building is the result of different interventions that have ruled during its history, right up to the neoclassical façade construction (between 1788 and 1791) designed by Leopoldo Pollack. The baptistery is the oldest monument of Varese, built in Romanesque style in the 12th and 13th century and dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

Musei Civici Villa Mirabello - Fonte:

Musei Civici Villa Mirabello – Fonte:

For culture and museums lovers, finally, Varese represents the Toyland. You’ll find even hard to choose! Live art in Varese is certainly easier for a tourist who has at his disposal some days … but, with the advice of our column, you will be able to taste all the culture you want in no time. First stage “forced”is  The Civic Museums of Villa Mirabello, which in addition to accommodate a valuable archaeological collection related to prehistoric times, preserve testimonies of Roman times and also have a brand new section of the Risorgimento. Of The Civic Museums is also Veratti Hall, whose spaces are dedicated to temporary adn/or permanent exhibitions.

Second stage, particularly suitable for lovers of art tastes less classics, is the Civic Modern and Contemporary Art Museum | Castle of Masnago. The complex, which is the result of several interventions over the centuries, is inserted in the wonderful Mantegazza Park, public parking that is located on the top of Masnago little hill. The Castle houses the civic art collection, with works by leading Lombard artists.

Collezione Permanente Villa Panza - Fonte: Sito FAI

The third and last stage of our “tour de force”, Villa Panza Museum, one of the FAI properties in Varese. Surrounded by a magnificent garden and built in the mid-18th century, the villa is well known worldwide for its famous Panza Collection, contemporary art collection that Giuseppe Panza di Biumo has picked up since the 50 ‘s: displays over 100 works by contemporary artists, as well as an important collection of African and pre-Columbian art.

And if nature is the thing that interests you most and the Giardini Estensi you have bewitched, then maybe you will go crazy know that Varese is considered the “Green Province” par excellence, just thanks to that green heritage that goes from the mountains that surround the lakes that bathe. There are numerous parks and nature reserves scattered in the territory, first among all Regional Parks of The Campo dei Fiori and of Valle del Ticino, as well as the Nature Reserve of Brabbia Swamp and Lake of Biandronno.

Of course here we told only of the most precious jewels of Varese … but there is still a lot to discover …

… and with our Diy Tourist Column you can really design a holiday tailored to your needs!

Gallery “Varese city to be discovered”

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Doors open at Villa Recalcati

On Sunday 5th October free guided tours at Villa Recalcati from 18th century to Liberty Art.

villarecalcatiopendoorOn Sunday 5th October Villa Recalcati opens its doors to citizens and tourists for two free guided tours to know the history of Liberty Art.

The story

Villa Recalcati is one of the best examples of eighteenth-century suburban architecture in the province of Varese. His first group was actually erected in the second half of the seventeenth century, which country house of the noble milan family Recalcati.
After a series of property steps, the villa was inherited by Fr. Giuseppe Melzi who later sold it to Giovanni Battista Morosini, under whom it was transformed in 1874 in “Grand Hotel Excelsior”.

Soon the hotel became one of the most important and famous of North Italy, attended by personalities such as Verdi and Gabriele D’Annunzio, but with the decline of the tourist market in the aftermath of World War I, in 1927 came the failure.
The Villa was bought in 1931 by the newly formed province of Varese, which turned into its headquarters offices that still houses today.

The times of Sunday 5 October visits are as follows:

  • 1° visit 14.30 hours
  •     2° visit 16.30 hours

The reservation is not required.

Participants will be offered a welcome tribute town.

For Info:
Tel. 0332/252412

Cover Photo Credits: the newspaper Il Giorno


Book Varese Tour Liberty with Hotel Ungheria

Discover Liberty art Varese by bus: with Moranditour and Hotel Ungheria you can


Villa Recalcati – Example of Liberty Style – Credits photo:

Moranditour presents the first City Sightseeing of the city Varese: Varese Liberty Tour, a city tour to discover the art liberty of Varese and other more, comfortably seated on Gran turismo bus and accompanied by expert guides.

Ten stages among the wonders of the Garden City, starting from the Estensi Gardens, passing by the brewery Poretti, the Hotel Palace, to the suggestive funicular of the Sacro Monte, Villa Panza and don’t forget the magnificent old town of Varese.

Moranditour, with the support of provincia di Varese-bando Expo 2014-2015, has designed two buses until November 2 will allow tourists (and not only) to dive into the liberty times every Sunday, with both driver and speaker in themed costume.

Although the Liberty is the real protagonist of this tour, the Varese Liberty Tour certainly will not fail the other events and impressive sights scattered on the territory, an example to all the splendid Villa Panza with its art collections.

For each stage from time to time it will be possible to attend thematic events, from tastings of typical local flavours to shows, plus the ability to visit on occasion genuine living art nouveau monuments such as the Hotel Palace, the brewery Poretti, the amazing Villa Recalcati.

The Varese Liberty Tour will also sync with historic funicular travels of Sacro Monte, giving tourists the possibility to reach the historic village overlooking Varese with a medium green and downright charming.

The Varese Liberty Tour will be held in Varese on Sundays until 2 November: a bus every 2 hours starting from 10.00 till 16.00, leave from Varese railway station and with stops “up and down” touches Piazza Monte Grappa, Estensi Gardens, Villa Recalcati, Hotel Palace, Brewery, Poretti Funicular, Villa Panza, Piazza Monte Grappa for a second time, closing with a return to the railway station.

Choose Morandi and Hotel Ungheria. Book your seats reserved for the Varese Liberty Tour.

Culture in addition to the Rowing World Cup

Free visits to the Via Sacra to the Sacro Monte and in the old town Varese

la via sacra 1In Rowing World Cup hosted on Lake Varese to Gavirate, many side events are organized for tourists, but also for the Varese that want to discover the hidden wonders of our region.

For this, thanks to teh association Immagina, in the next few days (24-25-26-27th July) will be conducting free guided tours -even with an interpreter or language-guide – to the Via Sacra of the Sacro Monte or at the center of the city of Varese.

Registration is requested: 0332 435904 or 0332 334274, mobile 335 6430975 or email

Here is a small gallery that anticipates the beauty that you can see in these attractive location varesine.

The gallery is indicative only, does not reflect necessarily the guided tour programme.

Photo credits: and Hotel Ungheria