Discovering the apocryphal Gospels of Castelseprio

Santa Maria Foris Portas Castelseprio – Diy Tourist Column

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santa maria foris portasThe province of Varese is an area steeped in culture. There are many places of historical and cultural interest that a tourist should not miss the opportunity to visit during his stay in Varese.

Hotel Ungheria guides you to discover these magnificent location starting from the Church of Santa Maria Foris Portas in Castelseprio.

The Church, which stands on a hill just two hundred meters from the walls of an ancient castrum, hence the appellation in medieval Latin, is the oldest building in Castelseprio.
Thanks to its frescoes, known as “the frescoes of Castelseprio”, Santa Maria Foris Portas is recognized Unesco World Heritage site.

It is a cycle of paintings, variously dated between the 6th and the 10th century, by an anonymous painter known as the master of Castelseprio, probably Byzantine, an artist who worked for a Greek client, Lombard, Caroling or Milan. The cycle depicts scenes from the childhood of Christ inspired, it would seem, especially to the apocryphal Gospels. This feature makes it a rare example of Lombard art of the highest level, since in Italy are only seven places with this particular type of paintings. These seven Italian locations are part of the serial site named “Lombards in Italy: the places of power”, in writing to the list of UNESCO World Heritage site in June 2011.

The trip to Santa Maria Foris Portas Castelseprio

Hotel Ungheria offers a special package dedicated to the Church of Santa Maria Foris Portas.


  • Arrival date at the Hotel
  • Dinner at Ristorante La Vecchia Varese, an arrangement with us
  • Overnight stay in a double room
  • Buffet breakfast with local products and cakes of our production
  • Visit to the Church