Culture in addition to the Rowing World Cup

Free visits to the Via Sacra to the Sacro Monte and in the old town Varese

la via sacra 1In Rowing World Cup hosted on Lake Varese to Gavirate, many side events are organized for tourists, but also for the Varese that want to discover the hidden wonders of our region.

For this, thanks to teh association Immagina, in the next few days (24-25-26-27th July) will be conducting free guided tours -even with an interpreter or language-guide – to the Via Sacra of the Sacro Monte or at the center of the city of Varese.

Registration is requested: 0332 435904 or 0332 334274, mobile 335 6430975 or email

Here is a small gallery that anticipates the beauty that you can see in these attractive location varesine.

The gallery is indicative only, does not reflect necessarily the guided tour programme.

Photo credits: and Hotel Ungheria