Hermitage Santa Caterina: cruises on Lake Maggiore

santacaterinaFrom Laveno to the Hermitage of Santa Caterina by boat

Until 12 October the Navigation System of the Lakes has reactivated the navigation Laveno-Hermitage Santa Caterina, the 14th-century monastery perched on Lake Maggiore.

Although accessible by land, a visit to the charming historic location is even more striking if you come by boat from the Lake.

With a few euros there are several departures to and from Santa Caterina, close-up distances from 9.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m., from wensday to sunday.

According to tradition the monastery was founded by Alberto Besozzi, a wealthy local merchant, escaped to a downpour during the crossing of the Lake, decided to retire on that stretch of coastline and lead you life as a hermit.

After several passages of property and management, the monastery, which from 1970 is of the province of Varese and was held from 1986 to 1996 from a Dominican community, today went to the Benedictine Oblates.

Photo credits: www.santacaterinadelsasso.com. Cover photo by Valentina Macciotta and Domenico Cosenza.