Varese and typical sweets

“The Sweet Side of Varese” – Diy Tourist Column

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Every self-respecting tourist just may take a moment for a little break, preferably with sweets.

And Varese is located in the city of sweets. Historians poetry of Guido Gozzano describe perfectly the atmosphere that still creates in some corners of the greedy Garden City:

I love all those young ladies

that eat pastries in the confectioners’ shops

Ladies and young ladies

Without gloves on their fingers

Chose a pastry.

How they become children again!

They turn rapidly their back on

Those who can see them,

raise their hat-veil and devour their plunder!

Dolce Varese – Zamberletti

Varese – as well as several towns in its surroundings – boast a long and creative tradition as concerns confectionery, with one or more exclusive products; some sweets have become famous all over the world, such as Brutti e Buoni of Veniani of Gavrate or Dolce Varese, has been copied all around the world.

Bakeries, cafes, old ovens, large prestigious names: only in the Centre of Varese there are several reputable shops that we might consider true sacred temples of sweets. Over the years these wonderful “coffee pastes” are seen passing to their tables politicians, actors, writers; one breathes culture and history in each of them. But most still enjoy amazing pastries.

The tourist who comes to Varese must taste our special sweet refinements that have marked the history of Italy.

Dolce Varese was born in 1953, at the confectioner’s owned by Angela Zamberletti, who was suggested by the architect named Bruno Ravasi to cook a simple cake, with few selected ingredients and wrapperd up it in the typical paper of Varese.

Just outside Varese, in Gavirate, however, as early as 1878 Costantino Veniani invented the Brutti e Buoni, original sweets made of almonds and hazelnuts that have made world famous Veniani pastry.

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