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“What to see in Varese?”- Diy Tourist Column

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Varese has a thousand faces, all to be discovered. City liberty taste, exquisitely artistic, is also known as the Garden City, for all the natural beauty that offers, along with the surrounding area.

Varese – Villa Estense e Giardini – Fonte: GPS Varese

From Giardini Estensi that encircle the Town Hall. In the second half of ‘ 700, Francesco III d’Este, Duke of Modena and Governor of Austrian Lombardy, having fallen in love with Varese during one of his trips, he decided to ask in fief to Maria Theresa of Austria. He bought by Tommaso Orrigoni the House, which now houses the municipal administration, and gives the architect Giuseppe Antonio Bianchi in charge of dealing with the creation of the Italian garden, considered among the most beautiful of Lombardy.

Another focal point of Varese that you should visit is the Basilica of San Vittore. It represents, with the Bell Tower and the baptistery of San Giovanni, the religious heart of the city. The current building is the result of different interventions that have ruled during its history, right up to the neoclassical façade construction (between 1788 and 1791) designed by Leopoldo Pollack. The baptistery is the oldest monument of Varese, built in Romanesque style in the 12th and 13th century and dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

Musei Civici Villa Mirabello - Fonte:

Musei Civici Villa Mirabello – Fonte:

For culture and museums lovers, finally, Varese represents the Toyland. You’ll find even hard to choose! Live art in Varese is certainly easier for a tourist who has at his disposal some days … but, with the advice of our column, you will be able to taste all the culture you want in no time. First stage “forced”is  The Civic Museums of Villa Mirabello, which in addition to accommodate a valuable archaeological collection related to prehistoric times, preserve testimonies of Roman times and also have a brand new section of the Risorgimento. Of The Civic Museums is also Veratti Hall, whose spaces are dedicated to temporary adn/or permanent exhibitions.

Second stage, particularly suitable for lovers of art tastes less classics, is the Civic Modern and Contemporary Art Museum | Castle of Masnago. The complex, which is the result of several interventions over the centuries, is inserted in the wonderful Mantegazza Park, public parking that is located on the top of Masnago little hill. The Castle houses the civic art collection, with works by leading Lombard artists.

Collezione Permanente Villa Panza - Fonte: Sito FAI

The third and last stage of our “tour de force”, Villa Panza Museum, one of the FAI properties in Varese. Surrounded by a magnificent garden and built in the mid-18th century, the villa is well known worldwide for its famous Panza Collection, contemporary art collection that Giuseppe Panza di Biumo has picked up since the 50 ‘s: displays over 100 works by contemporary artists, as well as an important collection of African and pre-Columbian art.

And if nature is the thing that interests you most and the Giardini Estensi you have bewitched, then maybe you will go crazy know that Varese is considered the “Green Province” par excellence, just thanks to that green heritage that goes from the mountains that surround the lakes that bathe. There are numerous parks and nature reserves scattered in the territory, first among all Regional Parks of The Campo dei Fiori and of Valle del Ticino, as well as the Nature Reserve of Brabbia Swamp and Lake of Biandronno.

Of course here we told only of the most precious jewels of Varese … but there is still a lot to discover …

… and with our Diy Tourist Column you can really design a holiday tailored to your needs!

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