Ivan Bianchi big storic photographer in Varese

Veratti Hall hosts a photographic exhibition dedicated to Ivan Bianchi

Teatro-Maria - Mostra Bianchi

San Pietroburgo. Foyer del Teatro Maria.

In Varese until August 31 in the Veratti Hall you can enjoy a dip in the past of Tsarist russia, with the exhibition “Visions of Empire: Ivan Bianchi, an insubre at the Court of Tsar”.

Terra Insubre has decided to devote an exhibition to the pioneer of photography Ivan Bianchi, witch from varese migrate to ticino. The exhibition will focus on shots taken by the artist in St. Petersburg between 1852 and 1854.

The locations that will host the excellence of this artist are those of Veratti Hall, acquired by the city of Varese in 1986 by the homonymous family and become home to exhibitions and exhibitions of Museums, after the restoration of 1992.

The exhibition, a collaboration with the cultural centre the Ravelin and Ivan Bianchi Store of Locarno, give an opportunity to admire the first St. Petersburg picture, representing, for the years in which they were taken, also a puzzle piece in the history of photography.

For more information visit the website www.mostraivanbianchi.info

Photo Credits: www.mostraivanbianchi.info