FAI Properties Varese: April events

“What do you reserve the FAI Properties Varese for April?” Diy Tourist Column

Rubrica Turista Fai Da Te

April of FAI Properties Varese, with the Easter holidays which start next month, is really full of events organized at the Properties FAI scattered on our territory.

For our Diy Tourists it is the perfect occasion to discover the architectural and natural pearls that FAI protects, living at the same time new and sometimes even original experiences.

We present briefly the events of April of FAI Properties Varese.


Picnic Easter Monday – 6th April
The garden of Villa Della Porta Bozzolo aims to households and not only as a place for the classic trip “out door” of Easter Monday and the family picnic, offering entertainment for everyone, young and old.

The Villa describe itself – Old watches – Sunday 19 April, at 14.30 and 16.00
Specialist vistis at the Villa with restaurateur Paolo Barbieri of Brera, A.R.A.S.S. non-profit association for the restoration of scientific instruments, discovering the watches of the Villa.


CioccoArt – From 2nd to 6th April 2015
Thanks to the collaboration with LaborArs and Denis Buosi &Co Chocolate Easter holidays in Villa Panza stain of … chocolate! “CioccoArt” is the special appointment for five days will take you between games, workshops and contests related to the delicious world of chocolate.

BIM Bum Bart … by enjoy -Sunday 12 April, 3 p.m.- 5.30 p.m.
Event dedicated to children who will live multi-sensory experiences through installations of Panza, to then attend workshops linked to the color and taste waiting for Expo 2015.


Flowers to the monastery – Monday, April 6th, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
The third edition of the traditional market of flowers and colors of spring in the spaces of the ancient monastery, a Unesco World Heritage site.

Take note of these events!

And if you can’t visit the FAI Properties Varese in these days of celebration open to the public, remember that if you’re on vacation here, Hotel Ungheria is a FAI partner and enjoys the 50% discount on tickets for entry to all FAI Properties.