Peroni Ruggero and Hotel Ungheria Varese 1946

Peroni Ruggero Varese.
A family business.

Peroni Ruggero Varese

This company was founded in Varese in 1979 by Ruggero Peroni, owner and Sales Director, assisted by his sons Cristiano and Veronica, the first sales and purchase manager, the second holder of the Peroni Products.

The Peroni Ruggero is a dynamic growing company that designs, manufactures, and provides a complete range of machines for the production of paper products and articles for the school and the office.

The company has in it more than 30 collaborators who, supported by the most up to date technology, constitute a highly specialized and selected staff, able to provide a quick service and directed.

The Peroni Ruggero has a history of success that has allowed the company a presence in the world of international paper, offering an innovative product and comply with the requirements of the customer, one hundred percent Italian, made in Varese!

Peroni Ruggero and Hotel Ungheria Varese 1946 working together for over 10 years.