The photo exhibition “America” by Wim Wenders in Villa Panza

Villa Panza opens the doors to the artist Wim Wenders and his “dialogue with America”


From 16th January to 29th March Villa Panza an its Art Collection hosts a photographic exhibition of Wim Wenders, the 34 photographs taken by the German Director in the United States between the late 1970s and 2003.

The pictures were held inside the Villa according to a route that communicates with the context and the Panza Collection. The exhibition, dedicated to his friend Dennis Hopper and to the artistic inspiration Edward Hopper, is a highly personal Wenders’ reading of America in those years.

“The scenery give shape to our lives, shape our character, define our human condition and if you’re careful increase your feelings towards them, discover that they have stories to tell and that are much more than mere places.”

In these words Wim Wenders expresses perfectly and succinctly around the meaning of the exhibition: in these 34 shots he managed to play visions that have disrupted the normal perception of the landscape, bringing out the essence of the portraits and the literary and narrative function of the image.


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