Skinny Sides Festival (Magre Sponde Festival): music Brebbia

Skinny Sides Festival (Magre Sponde Festival) – September 5 and 6 – Villa Terzoli – Brebbia (Varese) was founded as a virtual stage to tell their abilities, their own experiences, their own stories, their own art: is a blog opened, attended by various authors.

How do you explain the presentation itself, the blog publishing initiative “is to remind everyone that there can be no valorization of the territory which does not have as its starting point the exploitation of minds, hands, eyes, ears, of souls, of people at this place were to live.
Therefore, enhancing the ability of those wich on the skinny sides have passed, give in any way the possibility to our territory to rediscover and save itself. ”

The stated objective of the blog is to become an incubator of artworks, ideas, emotions, which may have various forms, leaving freedom for everyone to express themselves as they see fit: short stories, photographs, drawings, sculptures, letters, poems. now exits the web and become Skinny Sides Festival (Magre Sponde Festival), the 5th and 6th September in Brebbia, from 18.00.

The Festival and its three variations:

  • Sounds: musical performances from rock ‘n’ roll to reggae acid jazz
  • Words and thoughts: aperitif with authors Sergio Cova and Maurizio Gilardi and recitals by Steps, Valeria Fornoni, Mauro Gentile, Giulia Moroni
  • Pictures and movies: photographic exhibitions and film portraits

Free admission

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Cover Photo Credits: © Manuel Cazzola taken from