Great bike holiday and the hotel experience

Thanks VERY Much for a great bike holiday and the hotel experience.
The Hotel was EXTREMELY nice, the breakfasts were fantastic, MORE than enough. The snack for lunch was very good, the snack when we got back was also EXTREMELY good. The Fresh baking by Anna every day was and should be a great selling point in your website.
You can say anything you like about it, we would support it. Stressing that the hotel is a family business and that all the siblings work there is also a nice thing. Frankly the hotel is a VERY nice place, and the rooms and services are as good as one could desire.
The bike tours each day WERE very good. Stefano made the tours good for the level of the slowest rider in our group and that was good. The roads outside Varese were amazing and for the most part very good.
I have to say that the trip was great. WE would NOT comment like this if we didn’t have a great trip. We comment because we really enjoyed the hotel and the tours, and want to make the experience even better so that it will be a big success.


Paul Kramer, Berkeley
California, USA


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