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We pay special attention to people with Celiac Disease but also to those people who follow Gluten – free diet, without being Celiac.
For this reason, the selection of our Gluten – free products are made thinking of all of you, we want to show that these products can be good for anyone.

We joined the project “Feeding away from home” with AIC ( Italian Celiac Association), just to understand better how to satisfy guests with gluten intolerance.

We discovered that people who are intolerant to gluten they are often intolerant to lactose as well, that’s why we offer also a breakfast without lactose.

Why we decided to increase the variety and quality of our breakfast, already full of local products, with Gluten – Free products?

A growing number of adults and kids is affected by allergies and food intolerances, so our wish is to offer a healthy and balanced diet “Away from Home”. We choose the products of our breakfast with enormous attention; for our homemade desserts, we select only the best ingredients.

Try it to believe… our guests say that! 😉

Our mission is to make you happy, satisfied and full… just because you had a fantastic breakfast.

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Here a list of Gluten – Free products (packaged) that you can find in your buffet:

      • Gluten Free biscuits, also without lactose
      • Gluten Free Cornflakes
      • Gluten Free Jams
      • Gluten Free muffins
      • Gluten Free crackers
      • Gluten Free rusks
      • Gluten Free little cakes

We have other products and you can ask for them when you decide to book your room here, so we can keep them away from the others, to avoid contaminations:

      • Bread
      • Brioches*
      • Eggs ( we can cook them how you prefer)

*Gluten Free frozen food

You will have a basket on your table with the choice of the best products, cooked especially for you, so you will have a better diet and taste, without any risk of contamination.

What you can do to make your stay at the Hotel Ungheria perfect?
      • While you are booking, by an e -mail and/or a phone call, tell us about your necessity to have Gluten Free products, and any other kinds of preferences, so we’ll do the possible
      • When you are in the hotel, even if you didn’t say anything while you were booking, don’t be afraid to tell us about your Gluten Free diet for breakfast.

For more information or special requests, write us to