Welcome back Varese Flowers and Varese Orchid!

Varese Flowers: Varese Botany in celebration. The Flagship is Varese Orchid

varese orchidea 2014September is painted with colours and flowers in Garden City of Varese. Back again in Varese, in fact, Varese Flowers and Varese Orchid, two botanical Festival of excellence of our territory.

From 5th to 7th September, the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Piazza Monte Grappa (Sala Campiotti) will host the best varieties of orchids, including a selection of European Nurseries, organized by varese companies and international ones.

Varese Orchid is organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Province, Association Productors of Flowers and Lombardy Association Orchids Lovers.

You can admire collections of real amateurs, but also purchase from exhibitors present. It will be a full-fledged immersion in three-day into orchids, from 9.30 a.m. to 19.30 p.m, culminating on Sunday 7 September, when the event dedicated to the Orchids will coincide with the traditional appointment of Varese Flowers.

On Sunday 7 September, piazza Monte Grappa, will turn in a “gigantic Garden” thanks to the initiative of PromoVarese, the special agency of the Chamber of Commerce, which will offer to the public at large, from Varese and not, a rich exposure than it gets better in the horticultural industry of our province, who can count on a wealth of 400 businesses.

Admission to both events is free.

Cover Photo Credits: www.laprovinciadivarese.it